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Professor Riefa delivers the Keynote speech at this year's UNCTAD Intergovernmental Group of Experts

Professor Riefa discussed the future of consumer enforcement by advocating for a technological approach to consumer enforcement and policy making. A copy of the speech is available here:

This speech was based on work carried out for the UNCTAD working group on e-commerce, sub-group 3 on cross-border enforcement. The report from Riefa et al., on Cross border enforcement of consumer law: looking to the future contains a section on Enforcement Technology, or Enf Tech for short (Enforcement technology) largely written by Liz Coll and which details the current status quo on the use of technology in enforcement efforts as well as reflect on how this ought to be developed. Also note the article L. Coll, C. Riefa, Exploring the role of technology in consumer law enforcement (forthcoming, Loyola Consumer Law Review, Aug 2022).

The UNCTAD IGE is taking place this year on 18th and 19th July in Geneva

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