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Meet The Research Team

With Contributions from

Our thanks to our team of contributors to the country reports: Professor Martina Lourdes Rojo (Argentina), Prof Claudia Lima Marques (Brazil), Helena Klinger (Germany), Ms Vassiliki P. Koumpli (Greece), Mateja Durovic (Hong Kong), Mr Giacomo Pailli (Italy), Professor Cristina Poncibò (Italy), Dr Aya Osawa (Japan), Dr Trish O Sillivan (New Zealand), Professor Monika Namyslowska (Poland), Ms Agniszka Jabłonowska (Poland), Professor Sandra Passinhas (Portugal), Professor Camelia Toader (Romania), Professor Petra Wingerl (Slovenia), Professor Jacolien Barnard (South Africa) , Professor Tjakie Naudè (South Africa), Professor Regina Garcimartín Montero (Spain), Professor Evrim Erisir (Turkey), Duygu Damar (Turkey).

Our thanks to the people who have been contributing to our work by helping us sounding out our ideas and providing expertise at various stages:  

Elizabeth Gachuri, UNCTAD Secretariat; Andrew Hadley, CMA; Antonino Serra Cambaceres, Consumers International; Alexandre Baird, BEUC; Thibault Schrepel, University of Amsterdam and Stanford University CodeX Centre; Séverine Saintier, University of Exeter; Tim Dodsworth, University of Newcastle; Professor James Devenney, University of Reading; Professor Thierry Bourgoignie, international consultant.  


We also would like to thank all speakers at our events as well as participants for insightful comments and questions. 

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