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NEWSFLASH - We continue our work this year - focussing on the role of technology in consumer law enforcement with our sister project: EnftTech. Check it out! 

Cross-border enforcement of consumer law is an academic project led by Prof. Christine Riefa, University of Reading. It brings together team members from a variety of background and nationalities.  


The project is feeding into the work of UNCTAD, Working group on consumer protection in e-commerce, sub-working group 3: Cross-border enforcement cooperation. The United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection emphasise the benefits of international cooperation laying out a number of principles to facilitate cross-border cooperation. However, too often, enforcers and consumers find it difficult to take action across borders.


This project investigate the reasons behind those difficulties and analyse the practices of a number of countries in different parts of the world. The project seeks to highlight best practices and makes recommendations to facilitate and improve international enforcement of consumer law. 

The project has several outputs: 

  • an online conference on 17.03.2022

  • an academic workshop to discuss and test out the project findings on 22.03.2022

  • a report on cross-border enforcement 

  • a presentation of findings to UNCTAD sub-working group 3: cross-border enforcement cooperation. 

  • Professor Riefa delivered the keynote speech at the UNCTAD IGE in July 2022, highlighting some aspects of the report. .


The project is funded by the policy support fund: 

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Our Activities


Online Conference 17.03.2022

Our online conference features great speakers. Explore our programme and book your place. 


Our news 

Keep up to date with our work on this page. 


Our report 

The report is published on the UNCTAD website... 

With financial support from
Policy support fund

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