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Liz Coll on the use of Tech in consumer enforcement

'The real value will lie in imagining how technology can be put to uses that tackle the systemic failure of enforcement of consumer rights'.

Liz Coll is a consumer policy analyst and founder of Connected Consumers, a strategic advice consultancy that puts the digital consumer first. She has advised national governments, financial institutions, consumer organisations, global think tanks and international standards bodies on the impact of powerful, social technology on consumers and markets. She is currently leading a UK class action against Google for breach of competition law and excessive pricing in the Google PlayStore.

Liz will be discussing the use of tech in consumer law enforcement, sharing the result of the research she has carried out for our project. She shares the floor with Catalina Goanta of the University of Utrecht and David Dorrell of the CMA. Her session takes place place at 14:20 LONDON TIME (GMT) on 17.03.2022. Registration is free for this event, but will close on Thursday 17.03.2022 at 07:30 GMT. Book your place using our website link:

Liz established the first global digital programme at Consumers International, after leading digital consumer policy work at Citizens Advice and at Consumer Futures, the UK’s statutory consumer body. She has just completed work for the Toni Blair institute. Read her report for the Toni Blair institute:

For more on her consultancy work and for regular and engaging content, visit

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