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Search team members contributing to Loyola Consumer Law Review Symposium

Loyola University Chicago School of Law will present its annual Consumer Law Review conference on April 1, 2022. The symposium's theme for this year is "Consumer Protection in the Online Ecosystem." While technological innovations and increasingly linked platforms have resulted in numerous good improvements for consumers, they have also raised consumer protection issues, generated problematic power concentrations, and exacerbated existing inequalities. Experts from a range of disciplines will contribute critical perspectives to a comprehensive debate on consumer law challenges in the fast-increasing online ecosystem.

Liz Coll will present the work she has undertaken as part of our project reflecting on the need to look at new technologies and their role in consumer law enforcement. Prof. Christine Riefa, the project leader, will chair the last session at this event.

The conference is organized in 3 sessions, with many interesting papers documenting the theme of the conference. The first session addresses consumer privacy in today's online world. The second session (where Liz Coll will comment) will examine consumer protection through competition, regulation, and enforcement. Finally, the third session (Chaired by Prof. Riefa) will discuss consumer decision-making in a technologically driven society.

Registration details: Webinar Registration - Zoom

Meet our project team members contributing to this event:

The third panel will be chaired by Prof. Christine Riefa. She is a consumer law expert with international expertise, and she has advised governments to reform and roll out consumer laws in different hemispheres. She has a large body of work that has been cited in official documents from international agencies (including the World Economic Forum, UNCTAD, and the OECD) as well as academic scholarship. She is working on a monograph (under contract with Cambridge University Press) on Consumer Protection and Global E-commerce. She currently serves on the United Nations Working Group on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce (sub-groups on unfair commercial practices and sub-group on cross-border enforcement) as part of the UNCTAD Inter-Governmental Group of Experts. She is also a member of the Consultative Group of Experts of the Committee for the development of an International Code for the Protection of Tourists at the World Tourism Organisation (A specialised agency of the United Nations). She was the expert to the Rapporteur on the General Product Safety Regulation at the European Economic and Social Committee. She is a Board Member of the International Association of Consumer Law and a founding editor of the Journal of European Consumer and Market Law (EuCML, published by Beck and available on Kluwer).

Liz Coll will speak (in panel 2) about the use of technology to enforce consumer law. She will discuss what digital technologies are and how we can leverage new technological innovation to help develop enforcement activities at a pace and breadth comparable to what people already experience online. Liz Coll is a consumer policy analyst and the founder of Connected Consumers, a strategic advisory firm focused exclusively on the digital consumer. She has counselled national governments, financial institutions, consumer advocacy groups, global think tanks, and international standards agencies on the impact of powerful social technologies on consumers and markets. She is currently leading a class action lawsuit against Google in the United Kingdom for alleged competition law violations and exorbitant pricing in the Google Play Store.

Liz founded Consumers International's first global digital programme after leading digital consumer policy work at Citizens Advice and Consumer Futures, the UK's statutory consumer body. She recently finished a project for the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. Take a look at her Tony Blair Institute for Global Change report:

Visit her website to learn more about her consulting work and to receive engaging content on a regular basis.

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