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Meet our speaker Jason Freeman, Director, Consumer Law at the CMA (UK)

Jason is the Director for consumer law at the CMA where he manages a team of lawyers advising on consumer legal issues. He has worked on many areas including enforcement against secondary ticket platforms and social media influencers. Several of his cases have pioneered use of the Enterprise Act redress powers, securing millions of pounds of redress for consumers. Internationally he led the EU CPC joint action on car rental providers, and actively participates in various international fora such as UNCTAD, the OECD and ICPEN.

He established and was first chair of the EU CPC E-Enforcement Expert Group, and has an interest in the law related to internet investigations.

At our event on 17.03.2022, he will discuss his experience of the Role of public enforcers in protecting consumers in digital markets.

To join him and our many other excellent speakers, you can register

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