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Meet Boniface Kamiti and the work of the Competition Authority of Kenya

Boniface is an economist with over 15 years’ work experience in supporting African countries at the national, regional and international levels, with corporate organizations, UN System and Kenya Government Agencies. He is currently the Manager- Consumer Protection for the Competition Authority of Kenya.

Boniface will discuss the VALUE AND DESIGN OF INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS AND CO-OPERATION sharing his experience on our panel taking place at 11:35 LONDON TIME (GMT) on 17.03.2022. Registration is free for this event, but will close on Thursday 17.03.2022 at 07:30 GMT. Book your place using our website link:

You can follow the work of the CAK online by consulting their website:

Did you know?

The Consumer Protection Department of the CAK enforces Parts VI (Section 55 to 70) of the Act. The core function of the Department is to investigate complaints relating to false or misleading representations, unconscionable conduct as well as supply of unsafe, defective and unsuitable goods.

The Department also investigates undertakings that fail to comply with prescribed Consumer Product Safety Standards and prescribed Product Information Standards.Other functions of the Department are; promoting the creation of consumer bodies (CB) and the standards they should adhere to, working with consumer bodies to promote consumer welfare, sensitizing consumers about their rights and obligations under the Act.

They also advocate for compliance with the Competition Act and advising the Government of Kenya on matters related to competition, including managing relationships with international and national stakeholder.

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